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How to Write a Page

To bold, italicize, or bolditalicize words in your article, do this:

  • ''italics'' appears as italics. (2 apostrophes on either side)
  • '''bold''' appears as bold. (3 apostrophes on either side)
  • '''''bolded italics''''' appears as bolded italics.

You always have to bold the subject the first time you mention it in the article. For example: "Katara is a Character."

To insert a picture, sign in, upload it (found in the toolbox section below the search field), then insert it like this:

  • [[Image:Example.jpg|200 px|thumb|right|Description.]]

This means that Example.jpg will be 200 px big, be a thumbnail, be on the right, side, and have "Description" typed in its description. Get it? Hopefully. If not, simply conact the the administrator of this facility.

You also have to learn headings. This is a large heading:

  • ==Large Heading==

This is a smaller heading:

  • ===Smaller Heading===

Style of Writing

Write everything in the present tense if it is true as of the second season's end. You may be sarcastic a little bit, i.e. "Sokka is the real leader of team, but no one cares and they keep calling Aang the boss." Don't be overly sarcastic, like "Mei wears black because she's depressed and you should be too." No. That's not good.

Alright, you know everything. Start writing! If you want to really become a Bender, see other things you can do for the Four Nations below.

Edit This Site, Not Others!

Remember, this Avatar: The Last Airbender website is better than all others! Don't contribute to other sites just because they seem bigger, especially Wikipedia. As a matter of fact, Wikipedia is probably our worst enemy. Although Wikipedia a good site for information about Avatar: The Last Airbender we wish to be the biggest site in this area

Forbidden Acts

There are various things you cannot do to be a member of this wiki:

  1. You cannot put false information purposefully on pages. Punishment: Other users will correct you.
  2. You cannot vandalize any pages. Punishment: Banishment for a day.
  3. You cannot be mean to other users and call them idiots and such. Punishment:Banishment for a week.
  4. You cannot criticize the rulings of the Avatar.Punishment:Banishment for a week.
  5. You absolutely CANNOT delete the rules or attempt to destroy the wiki! Punishment: Banishment for six months.
  6. You cannot create another Avatar: The Last Airbender wiki if you are a user of this website! Punishment: Banishment for eternity. (This is the ultimate offense.)
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